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Rent it

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Conserve your cash -Rent it

Renting equipment is good for your cash flow and saves you money by spreading the cost of your equipment over its useful life. Renting is 100% tax deductible if the equipment is used solely for business use.

Is it better to buy equipment outright?
When you purchase equipment outright it may take years to get a return on your investment. You can usually see an immediate return when using rental, why not use your cash to invest and grow your business.

What is the interest rate?
There isn’t an interest rate associated with a rental. You are simply paying a fixed monthly rental for the use of the equipment over a fixed term. If the bank interest rate changes, it has no effect on your payments.

Do I need Insurance? Yes, simply add the equipment to your existing policy.

Who is Responsible for maintaining the equipment?
You are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Conditions apply

Can I cancel my rental agreement at any time?
Yes, there may be a payout associated with the termination of the agreement.

Can I upgrade or add new equipment to my rental?
Yes, this may be done at anytime during the term of the agreement. Renting gives you the flexibility to change your equipment as your business grows or changes. Conditions apply.

What happens at end of term? Rentals have multiple end of term options available such as:
• Upgrade the equipment to the latest technology available
• Return the equipment   • Continue to rent month to month
• Extend the rental for further fixed term at a discounted payment
• Make an offer to purchase the equipment

Who is the rental contract with?
The application, approval, and rental of the equipment, is done direct with Finance@Work. Poly Tank Supplies sells "your" tank to them. We do not receive any payment or commission for referring you for a rental agreement.

Can I move equipment from one location to another?
Yes. However, you must notify Finance@Work in writing prior to moving the equipment.

Read our Why rent it page - or call us to discuss how easy it is.

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