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Austraian made Water tanks. Our water cartage tanks meet all the health & safety requirements


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road watering unit on skid

dust spraying unit on truck

Conserve your cash for more important needs

10000L water spraying tank

You're looking at our tanks because

  • you can see a business opportunity, or
  • you are expanding and need more equipment, or
  • you've won a contract

(Pictured at left, our best 10,000 ltr quality dust unit, with all the works- don't outlay $30000+, rent it - outlay just $157 per week * )

In each of these cases you won't get a return on your asset for a while, the pay-back period could be years. If your business is growing your biggest problem is financing your growing debtors. Your growing need for more supplies also zaps your cash. It makes sense to put your limited cash into financing sales, not buying expensive assets.

Renting allows you to have the asset you want, NOW, without outlaying any upfront cash. Yes, you can get a $30000 dust suppression unit up an running for as little as $157 per week*. If it can't earn you that much, then you shouldn't be buying it! (Available for purchases over $2000)

Renting allows you to buy the best quality unit with all the whistles and bells you need. Now you don't have to look for something cheap, nasty, second-hand, and potentially unreliable.

If you've been in business with an ABN for 3 years, then for most people, that's good enough. Just a one page application form, with no financals required. (Don't believe me? Click here to see the application form). That's no deposit, no drain on your ability to borrow money from other sources, no mortgage, no lengthy application process, and immediate tax-deductibilty for rental payments.

Read our frequently asked questions - FAQ, or call us to discuss how easy it is.

diesel tank 45oL tankTTi tanks premium dealer

* Get the unit you want now, without the capital outlay!
Rental period 60 months, ex GST

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TTi Water Spraying Tanks from Poly Tank Supplies
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