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1500L Water cartage tank
Capacity Dimensions Price
1000 Litre TTi 1430L x 1220w x 835h AquaMove $1540 ex GST
1500 Litre TTi 1720L x 1230w x 1000h AquaMove $1995 ex GST
2000 Litre TTi Low 2150L x 1410w x 870h AquaMove $2800 ex GST
3000 Litre TTi 2430L x 1540w x 1200h AquaMove $3848 ex GST
4000 Litre TTi 2430L x 1540w x 1450h AquaMove $4898 ex GST
5000 Litre TTi 2760L x 2000w x 1400h inc Ballbaffles $7199 ex GST
8000 Litre TTi 3300L x 1900w x 1850h inc Ballbaffles $13300 ex GST
10000 Litre TTi 3480L x 2250w x 1940h inc Ballbaffles $13950 ex GST
Options: Hot dip Gal skid, pumps, Ballbaffles , dust sprayers, for any of above.
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Our poly complies with AS2070 Plastic Materials for Food Contact & Australian water tank Standard AS4766 Polyethylene Storage Tanks for water.

Specifically designed for transporting, storing or carting drinking water- the specific gravity of these units is 1.1. We have thicker units at 1.3, and also at 1.6SG.

15 year warranty on TTi AquaMove, and RapidSpray Aqua-V tanks. No rust guarantee. Extraordinary impact resistance. Impressive flex to cope with chasis movement and twisting in tough road conditions. Prices of our thicker standard tanks with 20 year warranty- here

These tanks are rotation moulded and assembled here in Australia. Rota moulding means you get a single mould with no joins or welds, enabling good flex and giving great resistance to cracking or fatigue. We specialise in water cartage tanks, dust suppression systems, diesel transfer tanks, adBlue dispensing units, and fire fighting tanks.

We can custom build frames, pumps and controls for your watering, and water transport needs.

Cheap freight to most areas for tanks under 3000L
All "Aqua" tanks have thinner walls than our standard tanks
- they have a load rating of 1.1 specific gravity.

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